Health Updates

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is quite a common condition due to which various males of all ages are affected. The diagnosis for ED is usually made when a male is sexually stimulated but is unable to keep an erection or achieve it in the first place. ED can happen due to many reasons. It mostly occurs […]

Cystitis and UTIs are very commonly occurring diseases these days. They involve the same system i.e. urinary system. Read on to find out the signs, treatment options and precautionary measures to prevent these infections. Causes of UTI and Cystitis Urinary Tract Infections are caused by bacteria known as Escherichia Coli. The following conditions favour the […]

Nucleic acid amplification testing is a highly sensitive method of analyzing samples for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and is now the recommended route for greater accuracy and congruency in general. So too is the source of our sampling, i.e, and for example, cervical swabs in women versus vaginal swabs versus urine samples. With varying methods […]

A human virus being harnessed to treat cancer? Who would have thought this could be the way forward in terms for cancer research? The treatment being tested is called T-Vec, is a modified version of the herpes virus and we might be hearing a lot more about it over the coming year. According to late […]

For the last ten to fifteen years it has become increasingly apparent that the over 50s age bracket requires a greater focus with regards to rising STI rates. There are a number of reasons for this including divorce and the availability of Viagra. But, what have divorce rates and Viagra have to do with an […]

Many of you may feel like you have tried it all, and nothing seems to work, and are giving up. The truth is, achieving your ideal weight is simple. There is a lot of nonsense out there to complicate and confuse you in the process from “fad diets” to “get fit quick” schemes, but here […]